jacaranda  Jacaranda Health

Jacaranda Health’s mission is to change the way that maternity care is provided in Africa. We are combining business and clinical innovations to create a self-sustaining and scalable chain of clinics that provide reproductive health services to poor urban women.. To date, we have built a world-class team, developed critical partnerships and support within Kenya, sparked the interest of the global maternal health community, and received awards for our model. We launched our first mobile clinic in 2011 and began delivering babies in our first maternity hospital in 2012.

Jacaranda’s clients are the women of the urban areas: hardworking women who are often are the primary breadwinner for their family. The population we serve is large, growing and poorly served. Peri-urban areas — sprawling low-income areas on the outskirts of cities — are the fastest growing population centres in the world.

In 10 years, we aim for our model of maternal care will be a widely recognised body of best practices observed by maternal healthcare providers in East Africa and beyond.

 World Health Partners

“World Health Partners (WHP) is a not-for-profit health service delivery organisation operating a technology-enhanced social franchise network of over 9,000 providers across India and Kenya, branded as Sky. WHP’s purpose is to deliver better healthcare services within walking distance to those most in need, by making markets work for the poor. WHP’s platform is horizontal in nature, delivering a wide range of services, including primary care, family planning and reproductive health, child health, TB, and pneumonia. WHP’s focus is on rural and underserved communities with special attention on women and children.

Sky franchise network is making health services available to the most underserved people through use of modern technology and social entrepreneurship. Sky social franchise links existing village-level providers through business relationships and technology to high levels of care in order to provide comprehensive, quality health care to rural communities. The franchise is sector-agnostic in its approach, linking private and public sectors, thereby maximising the impact and capacity of the total health market to serve the poor.