Thirty seven year old Rose Auma is a mother of eight children with the first born aged 23 while the last born is barely two months old.

Auma, popularly known as Mama Ouko could have been a mother of ten but unfortunately two of her children had passed on. She is married to 60 year old Robert whose health she says is debilitating as he ages on.

“I was married by Robert as the second wife more than 20 years ago but unluckily soon afterwards my co wife passed away. We have lived for long with my husband and given birth to several children” Auma, narrates.

When she delivered Ouko- her last born, she says she knew it was time to stop giving birth.

“I saw no reason to have children I cannot adequately, leave alone supporting them in school.

“My husband is also not of good health right now and I cannot do much from my omena (fish) business,” she recites.

Her strong resolve to stop giving birth however; was met with a challenge as she did not know of any other family planning method better and cheaper than injectable. She had been once on injection as a contraceptive method but still conceived due to her inconsistency in seeing her family planning service provider.

As luck would have it, Auma shares the same market space with a Huduma Poa community health worker (CHW) known as Jacinta Achieng. The CHW counselled and referred her to Ahero Medical centre, one of the Huduma Poa network Clinic.

“Her worry was the cost of contraceptives but when I gave her a Huduma Poa referral card, she only had to pay a hundred shillings for a long term family planning method,” says Jacinta.

Auma confesses to be now at peace as she is currently using Jadelle implant that offers five years of contraception saying she is grateful to Jacinta for the referral.

Author: Emmanuel Oyier

Marketing Officer-KMET


From the Right, Rose Auma passes her last born to a Huduma Poa Marketing officer during an interview at her work place in Ahero market