“I have benefitted a lot from Tunza. First, I have more clients visiting my clinic as PS Kenya helps me with marketing events like Tunza Days. When I acquired the clinic, I would see 3-5 clients daily, but with Tunza, I am seeing between 20-25 clients per day. This has also increased my revenue flow. I have also received a lot of trainings in FP, IMCI, HIV and Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care. This has improved the quality of services I offer. I am more confident about my work and patients trust me. I also receive a lot of supplies like IUCD, Implants and Acetic acid to offer my clients. I am also able to provide services that I have not been offering before like FP, HIV testing and counseling, Comprehensive Care for HIV, Maternity Services and laboratory services. And thanks to Tunza, I now have a cryotherapy machines that treats clients with lesions for cervical cancer. Not forgetting the branding of the clinic Tunza has made my clinic wide known in the community! (…) I cannot forget all the support supervisory visits Tunza does at my facility and the quick and prompt actions Tunza takes whenever we call upon you. I was an empty shell as I was working alone in my own world until Tunza opened me up. I can now relate with my colleagues. I have expanded my facility and offering a variety of services. All this is through Tunza’s guidance and support.”

Source: Hatua Yetu Magazine – Health Impact newsletter No. 7, September – November 2014, p. 9.