WHP overview in Kenya:

World Health Partners (WHP) is a not-for-profit health service delivery organisation operating a telemedicine-enabled social franchise network of over 9,000 providers across India and Kenya, branded as Sky. WHP’s purpose is to deliver better healthcare services within walking distance to those most in need, by transforming existing community resources into service delivery systems that improve health in the “here and now”.

WHP’s platform is horizontal in nature, delivering a wide range of services, including primary care, family planning and reproductive health, prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses and infectious diseases. WHP’s focus is on rural and underserved communities with special attention on women and children.

In collaboration with local partner Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET), in 2014 WHP launched a demonstration project in western Kenya, establishing a network of 12 private, peri-urban clinics and 81 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in Kisumu and Siaya counties.

In Homa Bay, WHP will create a new hub for the Sky network, providing primary health and telemedicine services to rural communities, focusing on serving the needs of women and children. The Sky social franchise will open up enrollment to other types of community-based providers and female micro-entrepreneurs in addition to CHVs. WHP improves the skills and technical capacity of enrolled Sky providers through training and expands their referral network to nearby clinics, laboratories, and telemedicine link to a panel of mid- to high-level medical providers. The Sky network thereby improves basic care in communities and provides the links and hand-holding for patients to meet their needs of more complex ailments, creating a comprehensive ecosystem of care for rural communities.