About ASFH

The Association of Social Franchising for Health (ASFH) is an association that was formed by the coming together of Kenya’s six leading Social Franchisee Networks in to one consolidated institutional body, to strengthen the quality and provision of health service in Kenya through the development of knowledge sharing platform. The social Franchising model in partnership with the private sector has long been recognized as an effective approach for rapid expansion of the delivery healthcare services and access for marginalized communities.

The Association of Social Franchising for Health was founded in 2013 by five members namely,

  1. Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya)
  2. Gold Star Kenya (GS Kenya)
  3. Marie Stopes Kenya (MSK)
  4. Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET)
  5. Sustainable Healthcare Foundation (CFW)


The four primary goals of the Association are:

  • Access: Increase the number of service delivery points and Healthcare services offered.
  • Cost effectiveness: Ensure the services remain affordable to the poor who largely form the bulk of clients for franchised clinics.
  • Quality: Provide servises that adheer to quality standars and improve the prexisting level of quality.
  • Equity: Serve all population groups emphasizing those most in need.


  • Policy engagement: Enter in to constructive policy engagement and dialogue with the Government of Kenya (GoK) and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Code of Conduct: Establish a code of conduct  and standardised quality control for Kenya’s Social Franchising Network.
  • Improve Access: cost effectiveness, quality and equity in the social franchising network in Kenya.
  • Partnerships: Partner with key stakeholders to generate creative, high impact and cost effective solutions to address the challengers in the healthcare and social franchising sector. In particular the association will explore Healthcare Financing Mechanisms.
  • Share: Experiences, resources information and best practices.

Our Mandate

  • To leverage the common goals of the networks by building partnerships between stakeholders.
  • To act as a forum of advocacy.
  • The Association gives Social Franchise Network s the opportunity to harmonize their work along the same (quality) guidelines.
  • The Association is the center for Social Franchise Networks to share experiences and avoid duplication.
  • The Association focuses on reducing the costs of healthcare services and commodities.
  • To collectively address health worker issues.
  • To measure the impact of Social Franchise Networks in Kenya though rese

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