The social franchising model in the health sector of developing countries is recognized as an effective approach to meet the increasing healthcare needs of the poor. An increasing body of evidence demonstrates the power of social franchising to improve access to affordable, quality healthcare in an equitable manner for low income populations. There are six social franchise networks operating in Kenya. Each network leverages different models, guidelines and approaches, but they share a common goal of providing quality health care for Kenyans.

The Association of Social Franchising for Health (ASFH) was formed in 2013 by Kenya’s six leading social franchise networks with the aim of strengthening the quality of health service delivery in Kenya. Together we support over 1,000 private sector providers. ASFH’s main role is to create synergy and a shared vision among like-minded health actors. ASFH will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, spurring innovation and advocacy.

The formation of ASFH was formalized by the signing of a MoU by Kenya’s six social franchise network organizations: Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya), Marie Stopes Kenya (MSK), Gold Star Kenya (GS Kenya), CFW Clinics (Sustainable Healthcare Foundation), Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) and Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK).


Increase the number of service delivery points and Healthcare services offered.

Cost Effectiveness

Ensure the services remain affordable to the poor who largely form the bulk of clients for franchised clinics.


Provide services that adhere to quality standards and improve the pre-existing level of quality.


Serve all population groups emphasising those most in need

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